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    Professional manufacturer with more then 20 years, our factory was located in Xuzhou city, Jiangsu Province,China.

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    Post Processing

    With many cooperative factories, to provide a variety of post-processing services,Such as logo printing, decal,color spray...

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    Delivery & Packaging

    Delivery on time is our work standard. Safe and cost performance about package is the goal that we pursue.

  • How to make a good mold for glass bottle?

    Glass bottles are traditional packaging containers with a long history. With many kinds of packaging materials flooding into the market, glass bottles still occupy an important position in various packaging, which is inseparable from its packaging characteristics that ca...

  • How to use scented candles correctly?

    In daily life, scented candles are very interesting items, and many people use scented candles to create a romantic atmosphere. The following is the correct way to use scented candles,hope it will help you!   How to use scented candles correctly? 1. Premise: The house through the wind. It&...

  • Why people like to use essential oils?

    Essential oil refers to the general term for volatile aroma-containing substances obtained by processing and extraction from spice plants or aroma-secreting animals. Generally, essential oils are volatile aromatic substances extracted from the flowers, leaves, roots, see...

  • What about the use and development of scented candles?

    Aromatherapy candles are a kind of craft candles. They are rich in appearance and beautiful in color. The natural plant essential oils they contain emit a pleasant fragrance when burning. They have the functions of beauty and health care, soothing nerves, purifying the air and eliminating odors ....

  • How to use aromatherapy oil better to improve the quality of life?

    Aromatherapy oil: It is a porous diffuser that can emit a special fragrance. It can fill your entire bedroom with delicate fragrance. General glass bottles are widely used all over the world as aromatherapy bottles. So many people will ask, should I put aromatherapy in the bedroom?            Thi...

  • 7+ years experience for international trade

    Jody Zhang(Sales Executive)

    7+ years experience for international trade

  • Professional, enthusiastic and patient service

    Tracy Wei(Sales Executive)

    Professional, enthusiastic and patient service

  • Turn your idea into products perfectly

    Eric Lee(Design Supervisor)

    Turn your idea into products perfectly