How can the glass jar be sealed well?

         As we all know,glass jar is a good kind of container. The surface is very smooth and does not produce any peculiar smell. It is a good choice for storing some food. So how can the glass bottle be sealed? There are some methods for reference.


1. First of all, if it is an ordinary glass jar with a lid, we can add a sealing ring on the inside of the lid. The material of this kind of sealing ring should be elastic, it can be beef tendon or rubber. And it is safe and non-toxic.

2. If the cover is made of bamboo and wood, you can add a sealing ring around it, which can play a sealing role.

3. A lid with a sealing ring, in order to make it more sealed, we can also add a layer of plastic film on it. After storing the items, the glass bottle can be placed upside down, which will be more sealed.

4. Stopper the mouth of the bottle with a cork. Cork has a certain degree of elasticity. And it does not produce any peculiar smell, which is especially suitable for the storage of some wines.

5. For long-term preservation, we can also use yellow wax or special sealing wax for sealing treatment.

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Post time: Jul-13-2021